Friday, July 15, 2011

Dancing with God

Here is a poem I wrote a few years ago.  It seems appropriate to my circumstance right now. 

You danced with the heavens and the earth, with the darkness and the light
You waltzed the universe into being with your hovering spirit
And you saw that it was good.

You danced Adam into being also, but sensed he needed another partner too
You gave him Eve, watched them and ordered their steps
And made grace out of their bumbling.

Then you danced with them both, in the cool of the garden
And they knew the warmth of your touch
But they switched partners when the serpent cut in.

You danced with Noah as he built, though to him it didn’t make sense
And you kept him close as the rain poured
And held on tighter through the thunder.

And even after the flood, you tried to dance with mankind
But they wanted to do it their own way and made noise of the music
So that now some of them have forgotten all the steps.

You asked Abraham to dance, though it took him awhile to get out on the floor
And even then he stumbled quite a bit
But yet he kept on to a good old age, full of years, gathered to his people.

Isaac danced with you all the way up on the altar
And you were delighted in his surrender and the merging of your bodies
But then he took it all for granted, and ended up sitting it out mostly.

Jacob wanted to wrestle instead
All his life you tried to teach him the steps
And he finally got it, and danced leaning on his staff

Joseph danced with you all his life
Whether in pit, prison, or palace
Teaching others to dance with his forgiveness.

You dance with me, also, though I’m mostly out of step
But you have blessed me with rare moments of grace
When I trusted the dancer not the dance.

What is the difference between 
                                    Grace and bumbling
                                    Order and stumbling  
wrestling and dancing?
The difference is the answer to one question:  

                                                              Who is in the lead?

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